IPAF MEWPs For Managers

Course Overview

The IPAF MEWPs for Managers course is targeted to those who plan, supervise and manage mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs) in the workplace.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the IPAF MEWPs for Managers course are;

  • Awareness of current legislation, standards and guidance
  • Awareness of different MEWP classifications
  • Plan for ongoing operator development through appropriate training
  • Awareness of the importance of the correct machine selection
  • Be able to select the correct protective equipment for the operator
  • greater knowledge and awareness of the safe use and operation of MEWPs
  • Be able to identify misuse and abuse of MEWPs
  • Be aware of planning and maintenance considerations

Course Agenda

The structure of the course is as follows;

  • MEWP regulations, standards and guidance. Including the legal compliance, regulations, industry’s best practice and standards.
  • Machine types and use. Identifying different types of MEWPs, tipping lines and load centres.
  • Structural parts and MEWP selection. Emergency stop / isolation, secondary guarding, function enable, load sensors, tilt sensors, creating a MEWP for the environment and task, MEWP gradeability and gradient, contextualized machine selection exercises.
  • Hire terms and conditions. Determining charges from breaches of terms and conditions, lack of training, MEWP security, common issues to be avoided.
  • Operator training and familiarization including PAL cards, IPAF Operator training, PAL+, MCWP, Demonstrator, Harness, MEWPs for Managers, Load / Unload. Further training for IPAF technical guidance.
  • MEWP personal fall protection. Hierarchy of falls, Harness statement, restraint vs fall arrest and harness use and Fall Protecting in Mobile Elevation
  • Work Platforms.
  • Operator pre-use inspection and rescue planning. Pre-use inspections, controls & safety features, pre-operation, defects, rescue planning, human factors, briefings, tool box talks.
  • Planning exercise for two tasks on a fictional site. Controlling hazards, protective equipment selection, MEWP selection, hazardous substances, selection of competent personnel, loading and unloading, parking and securing, re-fueling, safe system of work completion, recognizing bad practice.
  • The importance of planning. Accident repercussions, accident statistics, accident type trends, key factors to prevent falls, common planning failures.

Who is this course suitable for?

The IPAF MEWPs for Managers is suitable for managers, supervisors and foreman’s who oversee various types of MEWPs under their control.

How is this course assessed?

The course is assessed with a written multiple choice theory test.

IPAF MEWPs For Managers Certification

Once the course has successfully been completed, the candidate will receive a certificate. If the candidate is in possession of an active PAL card, this may be updated to include this training.

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